Investigating the Results of Amniocentesis in the Operating Room on Children's Acute Second Degree Burn Wounds in Patients Referred to Shahid Motahari Hospital in Tehran in 2021-2022

Hamidreza Alizadeh Otaghvar; Siavash Mahdigholizad; Mohammadhossein Khanmohammadi kalkhoran; Tara Motamedi; Ali Akbar Jafarian; Reza Salehi; Mohammad Javad Motamedi

Volume 2, Issue 5 , December 2023, , Pages 32-44

  amnion implantation in the operating room on children's acute second degree burn wounds in patients referred to Shahid Motahari Hospital in Tehran in 2022-2023. Study method: In this cross-sectional study, which retrospectively examines the results of amniocentesis in children referred to Shahid Motahari ...  Read More

Investigating the Causes of Re-Laparotomy Surgery in the Field of Gastrointestinal Cancer in Patients Referred to Rasul Akram (PBUH) Educational and Therapeutic Complex During the Years 2011-2016

Tara Motamedi; Hamidreza Alizadeh Otaghvar; Mohammad Javad Motamedi

Volume 2, Issue 1 , January 2023, , Pages 37-46

  By studying the morbidity of surgery conducted by surgery physicians’ surgery ward at Rasool Akram hospital, we wanted to reduce morbidity cause and take a little step in improving the patient's health. Method: Medical records of patients operated in rasool akram hospital was investigated and information ...  Read More