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Assistant Professor, Persian Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Turkey


Stroke, delirium, brain inflammation, encephalopathy or even confusion and neuromuscular disorders are part of the list of observed pathologies. The people who conducted this research emphasize that many people who experience these neurological symptoms are under 50 years of age and seemed to be in good health before the infection. American doctors believe that corona virus can lead to sudden stroke in young people, and according to scientific research, one third of corona patients suffer from neurological disorders within six months. Rapid reduction of brain gray matter has been observed in people with Covid-19. A new study has shown that even mild cases of Covid-19 can cause brain shrinkage and rapid gray matter loss. The study, published in the journal nature, examined brain scans of people before contracting the coronavirus and in the months after. This is the first case of its kind that has a longitudinal approach and examines changes over time. In this study, 785 people underwent two brain scans with a gap of about three years from each other. Among this group, 401 people were infected with the corona virus, most of which were mild cases that did not require hospitalization. The studied subjects were in the age range of 51 to 81 years. Of this group of people who got infected with the coronavirus, compared to people who never got infected, the level of gray matter loss in their brains was accelerated.


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