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Assistant Professor, Persian Medicine Department, Faculty of Chemistry, Turkey


Central receiver solar systems are capable of generating electricity at high capacities and are more efficient than other similar systems due to their high operating temperature. These types of power plants can be used to supply steam to thermal power plants and also to produce hydrogen. Because, like other solar systems, only energy from solar radiation is used, there are no problems with greenhouse gas emissions or environmental pollution. These systems are one of the few solar electrical systems that can properly store solar energy and inject the stored energy into the grid when necessary, such as at night or in cloudy weather. The above advantage can be used to store energy and deliver electricity during peak network times. A 100-megawatt power plant with a capacity of 12 hours of energy storage requires only 4,000 square meters of barren land and can well supply the energy needed by 50,000 households. There are millions of square meters of barren land in the central deserts and in the southern, southwestern and northwestern regions of Iran, which can be used as a source for solar energy production compared to hydropower.


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