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Assistant Professor, Persian Medicine Department, Faculty of Chemistry, Turkey


Construction of hydropower, wind, solar, nuclear, geothermal and recycling power plants. It is one of the solutions that the experts in this field of energy production have succeeded so far and have made significant progress in the world by presenting appropriate plans. Iran also did not hold back from this convoy and by building hydropower plants and using the potential of the country's surface water, which amounts to 50. TVVH / y annual energy production by this type of power plants, has taken a step that the vision It puts a light in front of it. Attention and emphasis on sustainable and economic development of energy supply in the national sphere, reduction of greenhouse gases to prevent environmental degradation, expansion of production capacities and increase of energy revenues, replacement of fossil products including oil and gas in power plants, maximum use. The potential of the country's hydroelectric power and ultimately the economic efficiency of this type of power plants during operation to balance the supply of cheap energy to consumers is one of the goals of the energy production sector in our country. In order to implement these goals, the Ministry of Energy based on coherent and purposeful planning in order to realize the full utilization of hydropower generation facilities, which in this context in the framework of energy development and diversification of Iran water and power resources development company, which is organized. He is one of the specialists in the design and construction of hydropower plants, and in the form of this company, he was able to carry out the planned programs in the hydropower sector.


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