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Assistant Professor, Persian Medicine Department, Faculty of Chemistry, Turkey


Referring to the need for three factors of capital, materials and machinery and manpower in the implementation of development projects in the country, he said: "The private sector will never accept investment in projects without considering the profit." Engineer Droudian added: "Since water projects are not feasible in the short term, so the capital is locked for a long time and on the other hand, even after operation, the project does not have a good return." Referring to finding a way to improve the efficiency of projects, he said: 94% of the country's extracted water is consumed in the agricultural, industrial and domestic sectors without any restrictions and disproportionate to the efficiency and price of water input, and according to the water market in Iran, efficiency The desired capital will not be realized after the completion of the project. "Many investors and contractors believe that in the implementation of projects by the private sector, projects are expected to be key in hand so that the private sector can put the projects into operation in the shortest possible time, and as a result, the project," he said. Have an acceptable profitability.


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