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National Petrochemical Company, Research and Technology Company, Iran


Heat exchangers are used as the most important equipment to transfer the energy of materials to each other, to increase or decrease the energy level of material flows. The purpose of this research is to optimize and estimate costs for re-boiler, one of the leading units of National Petrochemical Industries Company. This heat exchanger is in the form of a plate, which is used as a re-boiler for tower 511. In this research, ASPEN PLUS and ASPEN EXCHANGER DESIGN & RATING software were used to design and estimate costs. This design is based on the conditions required to set up tower 511 of methanol to propylene conversion unit. Based on the designs, the required area for the converter was 2.6 square meters, which compared to the previous converter, we had an increase of about 8% in the area for heat exchange.


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