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Master of Science in Psychology, Iran


The general purpose of the present study is to investigate the effect of the use of sexual drugs on the effect of the cognitive-behavioral group therapy couple on marital relationships. In this regard, the use of chemical drugs has a great effect. Marriage has always been recognized as the most important and the highest social ritual to achieve people's emotional needs. Marital relationship can be a source of trouble. Intimacy issues are often the root cause of failed relationships. In many cases, it is possible that the main problem of clients is mental preoccupation with intimacy, which the person expresses as a problem in close relationships or commitment in relationships. Although some couples may not specifically mention intimacy as a treatment goal, when these same couple’s complete measures of marital quality, satisfaction, or adjustment, they often identify one or more components of the need for intimacy as problematic. The results showed that group couple therapy training based on cognitive-behavioral approach had a significant positive effect on couples' marital satisfaction and increased couples' marital satisfaction.


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