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1 Industrial Design Dept, school of Architecture and Environmental Design, Iran university of science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 Industrial Design Dept, school of Architecture and Environment Design, Iran university of science and Technology, Tehran, Iran


Nature tourism or hiking is one of the types of mountaineering, the definition of hiking is: long walks and going to places with difficult paths in nature for recreation or exercise, according to the report of the official statistics center of Iran in the spring of 2018 187,772,940 Local travel without staying overnight was done for sightseeing and entertainment. Considering the nature of Iran, this sport has attracted the attention of various people from the society, in this research, it is tried to improve the quality of nature climbing by providing innovative solutions and with the help of technology. The current research is included in the category of applied research, the sampling method in different parts of the research is the voluntary non-probability method and the research population includes people aged 20 to 45. To achieve the objectives of the research, double diamond method was used, the research stages were carried out in two phases, the first phase included the collection of theoretical information including the literature review , similar products in the market analyses , review of standards, and the second phase of data collection The design was collected through persona compilation, conducting interviews and field observations. Finally, the final checklist for the design was compiled and idea generation was done with the brainstorming method, the selected idea was evaluated and selected with the AHP method, and a prototype was made and improved during four stages of user testing. The final product is a smart wearable that is designed for less than one day nature travel, the main function of which is to carry nature travel equipment in addition to providing information related to vital and environmental signs, this product was named Hamnavard.


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