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1 Bachelor of Biology, Responsible for literacy, literacy movement, Iran

2 Master's student in the history of the Islamic Revolution, Primary teacher, Iran


The academic period can be a stressful period due to the presence of many factors. In other words, it is a critical stage in the life of teenagers in every country and it is often associated with major changes in a person's life, especially in their social and human relationships. Being in such conditions is often combined with the pressures, worries and excitements of this period, it affects the performance and efficiency of people and finally, their mental health. On the other hand, freshness and vitality, the academic progress of girls and boys in elementary school is due to their mental health. Mental disorders have existed since the beginning of mankind, and no one is immune to them, and it is a danger that constantly threatens mankind. During the 20th century, human life has been transformed and changed more than in the entire history. The great effort for industrialization, expansion of urban life and machine life has had negative effects on people's health and has created new issues about health and disease, social, economic, political, cultural disorder and environmental, social and psychological problems. It has caused many pathological reactions. Mental health, in preventive psychology, social mental health or social psychiatry refers to all methods and measures that are used to prevent and treat mental illnesses and to rehabilitate existing mental patients. Behavioral disorders are a group of behaviors by which the patient repeatedly violates the fundamental rights of others or violates social rules. This disorder develops in childhood or adolescence and is more common in boys than girls. Behavioral disorders have relatively the same prevalence in different societies. Many children who have behavioral disorders, when they reach adulthood, their disorder is largely or completely resolved.


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