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1 Salamat Yar Behesht Dayan, Dayan biotech Company, Tehran, Iran

2 Industrial and Environment Biotechnology, Department of Life Science Engineering, Tehran, Iran


The uterus is a hollow and pear-shaped organ in the pelvic area, located between the bladder and the rectum and covered by a tissue called the endometrium. The endometrium is made every month in the uterus, which is removed from the body during menstruation. Also, there are two tubes on both sides of the uterus, which are known as fallopian tubes. The task of these tubes is to release eggs and guide them into the uterus for fertilization. In the cervix, if there are abnormal cells that grow abnormally, uterine cancer occurs. This cancer can be treated if detected early. Ultrasound is one of the common methods for imaging the internal parts of the body. Among the applications of this treatment method, we can mention the diagnosis of uterine cancer. Cervical cancer is one of the most curable cancers. The necessary condition for the treatment of this cancer is to detect it on time and in the early stages. According to the report of the American Cancer Society, the higher the screening rate with pap smear tests, the lower the mortality from cervical cancer. Regular Pap smear tests are one of the most important and effective prevention methods to detect cells at risk of becoming cancerous. Getting the HPV vaccine and doing regular pap smear screenings can help you reduce the risk of cervical cancer.


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