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Sustainable Infrastructure, Department of Medicine, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia


In the process of rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, the person returns to the desired physiological-psychological state of recreational occupation. Rehabilitation begins in the hospital immediately after admission. About the physiological anatomy of the coronary heart disease, risk factors, treatment of coronary artery disease, behavioral counseling at home at this stage. If there are no complications, the patient is usually discharged two weeks later. Before discharge, a restricted exercise program is performed to determine the strength and capacity of the patient's heart. Avoid smoking and walk as much as you can. During this time, the patient is monitored regularly by a home care nurse each week. See a doctor 8 to 10 weeks after a heart attack for a complete physical examination, including an EKG, exercise test, blood lipids, and chest radiographs. The rehabilitation program is usually long-term and at this stage it is necessary to follow the rehabilitation or refer the patient to educational and medical centers for more support and troubleshooting. No matter how seemingly safe the disease and its symptoms, the ground floor is still desirable for heart patients. As far as possible, heart patients should not live on crowded and noisy streets. You should avoid installing a loud alarm on the door of the house, which causes the patient to jump suddenly.


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