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MSC in Material Engineering, Material Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, India


Gray cast iron will be produced from the alloy of iron and carbon, which is about 2% more, or the cooling speed is low, or silicon, which causes the instability of cementite. Now, if the amount of carbon is less than 3.4%, low carbon gray cast iron is obtained, which is easier to cast than steels, which may have pearlite and pearlite properties. In the first stages of cutting the sample from the main piece, you are aware of its clarity, softness and neatness, and after cutting, filing is also done easily. But sanding it because of its high level of softness would be a problem. The result is that this steel is hyperiotectoid and according to the internal structure, i.e. the background of ferrite and pearlite grains, we understand that it contains 0.4% carbon and 5% ferrite and 5% pearlite, so we conclude that the more pearlite in the metal structure, the higher the percentage. Carbon is also more and the lower the amount and percentage of carbon, the higher the amount of ferrite, and the darkness of the surface under the microscope is the reason for this claim. The presence of sheet graphite causes gray cast iron to have unique properties. including having good machinability in conditions where the degree of hardness is such that the resistance to wear is excellent. The ability to resist burning in the last stages of the loss of lubricants is good, as well as the unusual elastic property that makes it capable of vibration. Several different factors affect the germination and growth of graphite sheets so that these graphite sheets can appear in different shapes and forms.


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