Document Type : Review Article


1 Thoracic Surgeon, Imam Ali Hospital, Shariar Hospital, Tabriz. Iran

2 Assistant Professor of Thoracic Surgery, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, School of Medicine, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz. Iran


Thyroidectomy is a common surgical procedure performed to treat various thyroid disorders. In recent years, advancements in surgical techniques and perioperative management have contributed to improved outcomes and reduced complications. This scoping review aims to provide a comprehensive overview of modern surgical techniques and perioperative complications management in thyroidectomy. The review encompasses a wide range of literature, including original research studies, systematic reviews, and clinical guidelines. It explores various modern surgical techniques employed in thyroidectomy, such as minimally invasive approaches (e.g., endoscopic and robotic-assisted), intraoperative nerve monitoring, and indocyanine green fluorescence imaging. The benefits, limitations, and outcomes associated with these techniques are discussed, highlighting their impact on surgical precision, postoperative recovery, and patient satisfaction. Additionally, the review addresses the perioperative complications management in thyroidectomy, focusing on key areas such as bleeding, recurrent laryngeal nerve injury, hypocalcemia, and surgical site infection. It discusses the identification and management of risk factors, the role of advanced imaging and monitoring techniques, and the importance of multidisciplinary collaboration in optimizing patient outcomes. Overall, this scoping review provides a comprehensive synthesis of the current evidence on modern surgical techniques and perioperative complications management in thyroidectomy. It serves as a valuable resource for surgeons, healthcare professionals, and researchers, offering insights into the advancements, challenges, and future directions in this field, ultimately contributing to improved patient care and surgical practice.


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