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Department of Research and Development, UOP, USA


Teaching is an activity, but not any kind of activity, but an activity that is done consciously and based on a specific goal. An activity that is performed based on the students' cognitive status and causes them to change. The act of teaching is a series of regular, orderly, purposeful and pre-planned activities. An activity that aims to create favorable conditions for learning. An activity that takes place in the form of interaction and mutual behavior between the teacher and the learner. The teaching method is actually a set of principles, educational activities and management methods that the teacher uses to achieve teaching and learning goals in his classroom. Considering the time limit in Iran's education, the important issue is what fields the teacher should provide in order to develop the child's creativity. According to this, it seems, the teacher's hand should be left open enough in the educational system. The structure of the educational system should not limit the teacher to the presentation of lessons, but the appropriate facilities should be provided in order to develop children's creativity and the teacher should be allowed to maneuver in order to make maximum use of the minimum time in order to develop creativity. In this context, extracurricular activities are very important. Teacher, student and curriculum are factors that must be related to each other. Because the interaction between them causes children's creativity to grow.


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