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Department of Research and Development, UOP, USA


The purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of educational technology and Chemical Engineering and the use of educational tools and software in teaching. Many teachers and professors believe that in the matter of education and teaching, many subjects and topics cannot be conveyed well to the learners in the traditional way. Therefore, nowadays, in order to make education easier, using tools and equipment in the teaching process and clarifying the lesson content, the use of educational tools and software by teachers is inevitable. A smart school, as a learning organization, has evolved over time and continuously develops its professional staff, educational resources, and executive capabilities. In the world of technology, where every day we are faced with new developments and achievements in the field of communication technology products, the only way to develop societies is to keep pace with this progress. The use of these technologies is inevitable in the discussion of education, which is the basic foundation of improving the scientific, cultural, social and political level of society. If the developing countries want to step in parallel with the advanced countries and increase their scientific and research capacity, they need to learn new and efficient methods that can bring the country to the desired scientific level in a shorter period of time. In countries like Iran, where new technologies are introduced quickly and are generally used in practice, the lack of alignment of education in schools with the facilities available in social and family environments will cause boredom and sometimes fatigue and reluctance of students. Smart schools are created with the aim of preparing students for the future. In smart schools that have been made smart by school software, the computer affects the way of teaching and evaluation and changes the curriculum to some extent.


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