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Endocrine and metabolism Research center,Department of Internal Medicine, Nemazee Hospital, Shiraz university of medical sciences, Shiraz, Iran



Introduction: Since its release, ChatGPT has taken the world by storm with its utilization in various fields of life. This review's main goal CHATGPT is a CHATGPT developed by Open AI. This robot is trained with the help of artificial intelligence on a large amount of data to learn language patterns. In the medical application of CHATGPT, the main topic is the conversation between doctors and patients. Method: In this study we searched in Scopus, Google scholar, PubMed databases and by searching with keywords such as "Nursing Services", "Importance of CHATGPT” and “Medical Education” during 2018-2024 to obtain articles related to the selected keywords. This innovation has the potential to automate daily tasks such as generating patient records or writing reports. By studying more than 45 articles about CHATGPT and the role of artificial intelligence in medicine, the results of this study showed that CHATGPT, with its very high potential, can play an important role in the field of interactions between humans and artificial intelligence and intelligent systems in the future. Results: The move towards the use of artificial intelligence in medicine, which is informed by patient information, can provide more personalized and clinically accurate answers to patients. Also, according to the findings of this research, it can be said: Automating administrative functions, scheduling visits, simplifying notes, checking insurance approvals for drugs, and other repetitive daily tasks can reduce the focus on administrative tasks and more time for providing medical care in to authorize the personnel. Conclusion: In this research, the researchers noticed the mistakes of CHATGPT chat bot in creating cancer treatment programs. According to these researchers, this chat bot had provided one-third of its answers in the field of designing treatment programs with incorrect information.


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