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1 Salamat Yar Behesht Dayan, Dayan biotech Company, Tehran, Iran

2 Medical Practitioner Tehran University of Medical Science, Tehran, Iran

3 Surgical Department IUMS, Iran University Medical Science, Iran


Cervical cancer chemotherapy means the use of drugs that destroy cancer cells. Medicines are injected into a vein or taken by mouth as pills. These drugs enter the bloodstream and reach the whole body. For this reason, chemotherapy is used to treat uterine cancer when uterine cancer spreads to parts that are not accessible for surgery. This method can be used to prevent the recurrence of the disease and its spread to other parts of the body. Chemotherapy is not used to treat endometrial cancer in stages I and II. Chemotherapy is often prescribed in a cycle, meaning a period of treatment and a period of rest. Chemotherapy drugs may be administered on one or more days per cycle. Uterine cancer chemotherapy can be administered intravenously, tablets, ointments and injections. Treatment is often done as an outpatient visit in a hospital, clinic, and in very few cases at home. In most cases, you can return home after the treatment, but in some cases, you may need to stay in the hospital for a while. Chemotherapy can be very hard on your veins, so having a venous access device or an indwelling catheter during treatment can be a good option. The catheter is a thin and flexible tube that may be placed in your body so that there is no need to insert the catheter into the body during subsequent treatments. One end of the catheter is placed in a vein near your heart.


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