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Investigating the Effectiveness of Ketorolac in Controlling Pain after Abdominal Surgeries

Abdolreza Mehdinavaz Aghdam; Fariborz Rousta

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 1-11


  Introduction: NSAIDs are widely used in the treatment of back pain as they avoid most of the side effects of opioids such as respiratory depression, sedation, hallucinations, euphoria, addiction, shortening of bowel movements, periods and constipation. They are mostly used for mild to moderate pain where ...  Read More

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Relationship between Cardiac Rehabilitation before Coronary artery Graft Surgery on Parameters of Surgical Satisfaction

Khosrow Hashemzadeh; Marjan Dehdilan

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 12-22


  Introduction: Cardiovascular care has become an important part of the continuity of care for cardiac patients. Its use is recommended in today's cardiac diagnostic procedures. Despite well-documented morbidity and mortality outcomes, cardiac services are underutilized. The basic principles of cardiac ...  Read More

Review Article Medicine
Investigating the Effect of Hyaluronic Acid on Pain Control in Total Ankle Arthroplasty: A systematic review

Vahid Fattahi; Mohammad Irajian

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 23-40


  The term arthroplasty refers to joint replacement through open surgery, which is used for cases where the joint has lost its function and the patient no longer has the ability to perform daily activities in the joint. In patients with knee osteoarthritis (arthrosis), the concentration of hyaluronic acid ...  Read More

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Complications of blood transfusion in patients who are candidates for heart surgeries patients in Shahid Madani Hospital of Tabriz

Khosrow Hashemzadeh; Marjan Dehdilan

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 41-50


  Introduction: Coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG) surgery is associated with a high frequency of allogeneic blood transfusions in CABG patients due to acquired hemostatic complications. However, allogeneic blood transfusion increases the risk of infection, morbidity and mortality, as well as prolonged ...  Read More

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Investigation of Chemicals on Breast Cancer

Amir Abbas Esmaeilzadeh; Fatemeh Nasirzadeh

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 51-75


  Breast cancer, which is caused by rapid and abnormal growth of cells in the breast, is a complex disease in which many factors can be involved. Some factors such as age, family history, genetics and gender are not under the control of the individual. However, a person can control other factors such as ...  Read More

Review Article Medicine
Risk factors of post-operative pain after ankle fractures surgery based on gender: systematic Review

Mohammad Irajian; Vahid Fattahi

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 76-86


  Introduction: Most patients experience moderate to severe pain after ankle surgery. Early and appropriate treatment of postoperative pain is essential for effective treatment that leads to preservation of lung function, normal breathing, rehabilitation and prevention of chronic pain. In this retrospective ...  Read More

Original Article Medicine
A Short Review on the Use of Chemotherapy Drugs in Uterine Cancer

Amir Abbas Esmaeilzadeh; Shima Kordjazi; Ataollah Salari

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 87-98


  Cervical cancer chemotherapy means the use of drugs that destroy cancer cells. Medicines are injected into a vein or taken by mouth as pills. These drugs enter the bloodstream and reach the whole body. For this reason, chemotherapy is used to treat uterine cancer when uterine cancer spreads to parts ...  Read More

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Functional Investigation of Useful Biomarkers in the Diagnosis of Superficial Head Injury

Mohsen Nabiuni; Jaber Hatam; Maryam Milanifard; Elham Seidkhani; Amin Jahanbakhshi

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 99-110


  In American football, athletes regularly suffer minor head injuries. In fact, these blows are those that are not strong enough to cause symptoms of brain damage or even clinical symptoms. However, the repetition of these blows during a football season is associated with changes in neurophysiology and ...  Read More

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Effect of dministration of Tranexamic Acid in Total Knee Arthroplasty

Amin Moradi; Naghi Abedini

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 111-125


  Introduction: Our study compared the effectiveness of tranexamic acid in patients undergoing TKA using the three different administration methods—IV, IA, and combined IV and IA—in terms of total blood loss and the rate of allogeneic transfusion. We also wanted to compare the frequency of ...  Read More

Original Article Medicine
Oxytocin During Elective Caesarean Section and Risk of Severe Postpartum Haemorrhage

Ramesh Baradaran Bagheri

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 126-139


  Introduction: The common perception that this treatment has no serious side effects is probably influenced by this flawed evidence. In this large population-based study, our goals were to determine whether there was an independent relationship between the amount of oxytocin exposed during labor and the ...  Read More

Original Article Covid
Effect of Enoxaparin's Ability to success and Neonatal out Come of In Vitro Fertilization

Sanaz Yasrebi; Ramesh Baradaran Bagheri

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 140-152


  Introduction: The analysis of a cohort of patients during the embryo transfer phase was the main focus of this study. The aim of the study was to examine the effects of thirteen adjuvant therapies on the success of embryo transfer, including the clinical pregnancy and live birth rates with enoxaparin. ...  Read More

Original Article Medicine
Evaluation of miR137 gene expression on the survival rate of patients undergoing colorectal surgery with a history of neoadjuvant therapy

Reza Eghdam Zamiri; Farshad Mahdavi

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 153-161


  Introduction: More than 400 colorectal tissues, including colorectal adenomas and cancers, and a panel of six CRC cell lines were used to study the epigenetic regulation of miR-137. Material and Methods: We go over miR-137's epigenetic control and how it affects the development of colorectal cancer. ...  Read More

Original Article Chemistry
The effect of digital education on effective patient communication during physical examination: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Lida Saboktakin

Volume 1, Issue 5 , December 2022, Pages 162-171


  Introduction: The purpose of this study was to assess the contribution of digital education to the enhancement of knowledge, skills, attitudes, and satisfaction of medical students learning communication skills in comparison to various controls. Material and Methods: In order to find randomized controlled ...  Read More