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Department of Medical Surgery, Charlotte University, United States of America


It is important to talk comfortably with the patient and their family about the risk factors for coronary heart disease. The patient should know that if these factors such as nutrition and exercise are controlled, other factors such as heredity cannot be very effective. Research has shown that a person without ischemia can develop ischemia within a year. Recommendations regarding the risk factors for smoking cessation, maintaining blood pressure, low-fat diet and taking medication as needed, participating in regular aerobic exercise, diabetes control, stress management, BODY FAT less than 18-22% are important. Do not use previous medications, if they have not been prescribed after surgery, do not change or stop medications without a doctor's prescription, use medications at their own time, if you forget to take one dose, take only the next dose and do not use it repeatedly. Daily and weekly use of medicines can be used, consult a doctor to use over-the-counter medicines such as painkillers, syrups, herbal medicines to be aware of their interactions and side effects, along with medicines when traveling, in case of flight by plane. Do not leave medicines in the car or in the sun, contact your doctor to maintain the long-term effectiveness of medicines and prevent possible side effects.


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