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MD, Endocrinology & metabolism subspecialist, Iran


The present study systematically investigated the relationship between sex hormones and leptin in men. In this study, 70 articles were reviewed and the subject was investigated by searching the words "Leptin", "Patients undergoing surgery" and "Sex hormone". Leptin is a hormone derived from adipose tissue that plays a major role in the pathogenesis of obesity. Hyperinsulinemia and insulin resistance are among the complications of obesity. Hyperinsulinemia is one of the factors that seems to affect the leptin hormone level. Few studies have investigated the relationship between leptin and insulin resistance in obesity in children and adolescents. Leptin is made by fat cells, and for this reason, with the presence of these cells and the increase in messaging, when the leptin hormone increases, the message of satiety is sent to the brain; As a result, the person reduces his food consumption. However, sometimes due to the excessive increase of leptin caused by eating sweet and fructose-containing foods, the brain loses its sensitivity to the leptin hormone and does not receive the message of satiety. For this reason, leptin hormone and obesity are related to each other; But their relationship cannot be considered linearly. In many cases, after testing the obesity hormone leptin, the doctor concludes that a person who is overweight has developed a strong resistance to the hormone leptin; Therefore, by prescribing some solutions, such as reducing the amount of fruit consumption, increasing the regularity and hours of rest and sleep, reducing the consumption of sugary foods and changing the diet, as well as consuming enough water, it tries to increase the sensitivity of the brain to the leptin hormone. The results of the recent study showed that the relationship between leptin and insulin resistance was weak and after controlling for body mass index, the relationship disappeared.


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