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General Surgeon, Maharaja Bavara Hospital, University of New Delhi, New Delhi, India


The Herring Brewer reaction is activated by the alveolar stretch receptors and prevents the lungs from dilating too much. Only 3% of oxygen is dissolved in plasma, which is indicated by Fio2, and the rest is dissolved by Hb, which is called oxyhemoglobin. The oxyhemoglobin separation curve shows the relationship between pa02 and sato2. An increase in Co2, a decrease in pH through temperature, and an increase in 2 and 3 diphosphoglycerates cause the curve to shift to the right. Patients are advised to avoid alcohol and anti-depressant drugs and lose weight. If the patient develops hypoxemia and hypercapnia, treatment includes using a positive pressure breathing apparatus or 02 with a visual cannula. CPAP may be used to prevent airway collapse. Usually, medication is recommended. It cannot be used, but medafinil, protrinipillin may be used. Bleeding from the nose is often the site of nosebleeds from the anterior part of the nasal septum, the junction of the three main arteries. Causes include: local infections, systemic infections, nasal inhalers, atherosclerosis, trauma, HTN, thrombocytopenia, aspirin use. Treatment includes: direct pressure at the site of bleeding. The patient is seated with the head to prevent the risk of sinusitis syndrome and toxic shock. The patient should be instructed to avoid heavy work, pushing, tight fins, climbing to heights, and nose injuries. It is also important to provide humidity and prevent the nasal mucosa from drying out.


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